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To whom sadness casts you downward spiral; flood sows in tears when

Hold your breath so as not to drown in sudden death

HE keeps all your tears in a bottle kept in Heaven


To whom madness lasts, bruise inward exile, blood flows in fears often

Catch your breath to turn from suicidal death

HE frees you from fears with HIS perfect love made alive again


To whom badness blasts, lose backward in denial, judge woes in jeers descend

Take a breath before heading down that wrong path that leads to death

HE sees you and clears the past jeers east to west so all you are is forgiven


To whom callous lash out, choose outward hostile grudge, pose a threat it appears

Lose your breath for vengeance refrain from causing misled death

HE can appease your inner turmoil of anger and bitterness when HE appears to be the One to defend bringing peace within 


To whom gladness basks in the Good News, forward vital nudge, grows when drawn near to HIM open

Refresh new breath by the Spirit that brings new life beyond all death

HE brings a future and a hope with purpose and vision with a mission to be love now driven

How do I know?

How do I not know?

What do I have to show?

So much I want and need to know…

Please let me know…


Thoughts at a loss for words

Feelings of loss occur

Seemingly altogether a blur

Compassion still astir…

Compassion will endure after…


I will always care

I continue on in prayer

I await for more to share

if not here, then there…

If still here, make me aware…


Did I fail and you chose not to stay?

Did I entail too much or not enough to sway?

Do I need to find another way?

Teach me the way in which to walk, because I cannot walk away…

Teach me the way in which to talk, for the right words to say…


Either way, it’s love that motivates me

Anyway, it’s love that navigates me

Every way, it’s love that captivates me

Some way, it’s love that from HIM emanates me sincerely

A way, it’s love that awaits friends and family


Someday, it’s love that translates rightly…

Someday, it’s love that generates continually …

Someday, it’s love that equates victoriously…

Someday, it’s love that celebrates freely…

Someday, it’s love that designates eternally…


The Way, the Truth, and the Life given miraculously…