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Disband after the fight

Rest you weary soul

Only for awhile

Until the next one



Stand up in the Light

Test you bleary hold

Lonely award an extra mile

Still connects among



Hand in hand through the night

Attest anew nearly behold

Boldly forward go past denial

Instill access won



Planned from the start with love ignite

Professed truth merely uphold

Closely reward into one’s heart worthwhile

Goodwill protects in the long run

In defense


HE understands when broken and contrite

Addressed to move inside sincerely mold

Wholly adored build up in support reconcile

Refill to coalesce faith, hope, and love into one’s cup overrun

In mercy evidenced


Expand with Heaven’s insight

Expressed for new growth inside clearly be told

Solely afford to overcome each trial

Skills obtain for progress where there once was none

Undeserved recompense


Commands to do what’s right

Manifest what’s pure and true that’s dearly unto HIM more valuable than gold

Holy accord become a reflection of the SON beguile

Fulfill HIS Great Commission for Thy will to be done

In watchful suspense

Looking Heavenward to point you to the new

Things above eternal you happen into a rescue

Finding faith, hope, and love that remains

With grace, mercy, and compassion that sustains

Will you see true North’s Morning Star

Engraved in the palm of HIS hand within the scar

Your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life secure

Your heart now open first look into becoming pure

A hope to see GOD in the near future with focus clearer

Available and willing to do HIS will as you draw nearer

Relatable so fulfilling to be still and just know HIM more

Awaiting direction to go and do the commands HE gave to restore

Shining reflection to grow as HIS feet and hands to save souls implore

Forgetting what is behind pressing on to run the race of faith the goal reach toward

Letting the Spirit lead and guide into all truth overflowing with power to teach then reward

One moment

will be

last breath


After it all went

will see

beyond death


May die whenever

will free

and not suffer loss to be rewarded…only if endure to the end however


Into Heaven will live again by the Resurrector

will breathe

in the new with no more pain which is by far better


Won’t take my own life by suicide under pressure

will supersede

over schemes of the oppressor trusting in the Redeemer and Deliverer


Our times are in HIS hands no matter the weather

will agree

of HIS desires to live is Christ and to die is gain whichever


Worth to remember

will need

fan to flame the ember


Rebirth into splendor

will heed

storing above more treasure


Focus eyes upon Savior

will believe

As more than a conqueror


After God’s own heart behavior

will achieve

love for others together


HIS throne boldly enter

will plead

for grace and mercy fill to overflowing beyond measure


Find delight within the epicenter

will lead

until do HIS perfect will going on forever


Daily serve in surrender

will conceive

in humility continue to obey the endeavor


Rely fully on my soul’s Defender

will receive

forgiveness along the way where in HIS greater love nothing can ever sever