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Could have been me


No longer breathe

A tragedy

That fateful day

After astray

Suicide attempt betray

Fallen away?


Come up for air

Aware of sun’s glare


Deaths door no more dare

Stare with fear beyond repair


Get up and walk again

What happened

Accursed me 

Lost and afraid wide open

Cost only delayed beside broken



Many years fought fear aplenty


Remain to breathe

A fallacy?

3 times denied enter confined in hospital of psychiatry

Repeated malady

Shown again and again and again mercy

Restored faithfully


Walk by faith this 4th time trusting in continuing

Beyond my dignity

Lay down my life to fully losing it resurfacing

Found life resurrecting

Keep the faith in HIS truth liberating

Beyond understanding

Await the day set free releasing

Love overcomes fear ceasing


Now help with burdens to bear

For all the suicidal and mentally ill care


Persevere to share

That faith, hope, and love will always be there

As a remedy

Awaited on HIM for new strength again

In HIS time the mind, heart, soul, and spirit mend


Words inspired by HIS life given

Driven by HIS love with purpose and vision

Into eternity…

There is an E.M.S. (Emergency Medical Services) guy who lives across the street.  He is often on call and has to hurry to tend to house calls and traffic accidents etc.  My wife turns to me and says I want you to have freedom to be able to go and save peoples’ lives.  This is another reason that I am doing this blog…


One day

She gave freedom

to save and rescue

souls that need You



Like a paramedic on his way

across my street lead on

a wave may crash to go make new

tolls of damage plead for life after death too



Do God’s will without delay

getting older not staying young

no regret, gave face like flint, love prove true

holes that bleed breakthrough



Anywhere will pray

brothers and sisters into HIS Kingdom

be brave to rehash sin stint deep pit out of dark withdrew into light construe

goals of planting seed so faith and hope renew that healing may ensue



For all those lost and astray

become a beacon to the One and only Son

to pave an in road for repentance from my example how I outlasted and outgrew

patrols to secure in Him indeed by Him freed through reconciliation and restoration forgiven much to love much likewise do



I needed saving and JESUS and my wife helped see me through:

3rd degree Trauma Ramifications

1st Response Rescue Exclamation

Return to Bishop of Our Souls Proclamation

Trapped and claustrophobic

Sapped strength sobering sick

Tragedy struck stuck in catastrophe

Apathy tuck amok emotions mental agony

Impurity off duty gaze from balcony pause fallacy

Iniquity scoff beauty faze banditry cause casualty

Psychiatric hospital chains bound downtrodden insanity

Automatic little faith remains, sound tears sodden exclamatory

Angel visitation of hope enhances my senses sprung, clung to in her gentle voice

Faithful HIS grace won of rope romances in the trenches flung, brung truth astir implemental choice

Faith to grasp onto JESUS with weakened strength overcoming strewn shortcomings face with HIS watch care

Wraith to gasp into trust in HIM beaconed straight toward becoming, into port homecoming grace topnotch share

New life soon granted outside lockdown shallow dream, hollow scream, undertow deem,

follow extreme facilities to find new reason to live

Grew rife boon planted sprout, abide, knock sound echoing, mellowing, bellowing, I owe

everything tranquility of mind to renew; keys in to give

Discover HIS mended (pick to bless) plan to marry a sent friend forever resulting in

forceful five alive, two unseen exist above; welcome in toward perfected love to


Recover, risen from bed of sickness, stand to carry on, tend children endeavor,

catapulting remorseful drive arrive, youth free of persist rebellion’s sin restored;

elected son of God to thrive