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Burn like fire inside

For only HIM will reside

Follow with faith flames higher

Go with hope aims desire

Spread the love reclaims acquire

Into forest of trees

Between heats intensity

With the smoke rise above perceives

Heaven’s calling for all these conceives

Fresh air ascend upon the clouds newly breathes

Sees from the skies surroundings of the lost in need

Readily descend again for many HE intends to retrieve

Back into and through wildfire beneath

Reaching all for uplifting

Those in the mud and mire

Those in dire straights inspire

Those in death’s shadow soon expire

Those on the edge of hellfire

Those trapped in the crossfire

Those hurting from a backfire

Those whose minds went haywire

Those with dreams to aspire

Those who step in rather than retire

For all the rest HE does require

Set hearts afire inside release to be

Get souls for in HIM resides only peace to free

Met spirits with HIS Spirit cease fears to find relief

Let everyone’s lives bear fruit that increase to finally see

The King of kings high above believe

With provision more than enough of to receive

Who feeds the hungry and brings drink to the thirsty

Where grace falls upon for humbling along the journey

When compassion is a healthy serving 

How HE washes over with waves of mercy

Why HE rescues and redeems into HIS Mystery

To offer vision and purpose in HIS Word for rediscovery

Life is next to nothing everything

Might as well revisit the exquisite

Life is found when abound in love surround

Might as well revisit most to listen close

Life holds the history so behold the Mystery

Might as well revisit memories then store up Heaven’s treasuries

Life is not about me alone to own

Might as well revisit to make known to others HIS wonders to become sisters and brothers

Life is faith, hope, and love sown to be shown

Might as well revisit to make known HIS salvation plan unto ovation stand

Life is lived from a place of quiet try it and then aloud allowed

Might as well revisit the solitary momentarily for when a missionary extraordinary

Life is hard pressed on every side abide, yet not crushed to be rushed forth

Might as well revisit how we make it through anew 

Life is perplexed reflexed, but not in despair aware to care

Might as well revisit those who are under par broken apart in scars near and far

Life is persecuted reputed, but not forsaken awaken to truth unshaken

Might as well revisit to be there for the burdens to bear and love to share

Life is struck down upon the ground, but not destroyed to be deployed 

Might as well revisit to fight the good fight in view of Heaven’s witnesses to join as future citizens setting free those in prisons lost and afraid with no decisions until arisen 

Life is eternal going on and on and you’re not forgotten

Might as well revisit the reason why you cry and then apply why you are alive born to do more than just survive, today arrive at a crossroads decide who you can confide in, tomorrow into a hope and future abide under HIS wings of mercy hide no longer cast aside or denied this side of eternity until into HIS arms open wide ride on the heights when fears subside HE will always and forever guide…


Meant to be found in the mystery

Went forth from birth until now history

Seek to know HIS will to follow wholeheartedly go

Weak to HIS strong fill to overflow with goal HIS love to show

Find who I’m meant to be from what once was lost

Bind myself to HIS heart drum beat count the cost

Live for others to come to know HIS miracles to save and make one new

Give of myself to overcome to grow with empirical truth brave and awake to rescue

Grant a future and a hope to live out to guide those strayed back to paved straight and narrow

Plant as a tree near water secure sprout to provide shade one day to have gave worth to more than the sparrow


Darkness doesn’t stand a chance

Against the Light

Making all things seen


Evil doesn’t stand a chance

Against One’s Love

Setting captives free


Depression doesn’t stand a chance

Against new Life

Accepting oneself even in misery


Mental Illness doesn’t stand a chance

Against lessons learned

Pressing on despite its history


Suicidal ideation doesn’t stand a chance

Against my cries coming to YOUR ears listening

Letting go to live on in future’s Mystery

blood sweat


you don’t see

the ways of the FATHER deep within ME


spit fire


you don’t see

the face of GOD reflecting ME


ripped lashes


you don’t see

the haste for your healing on ME


crowned thorns


you don’t see

it replace your shame thrust upon ME


driven nails


you don’t see

it erase your sin taken by ME


rolled stone


you don’t see

to embrace new life given from ME


Servant Savior


you don’t see

the Name above all names to receive salvation by grace through faith in ME


Good Shepherd


you don’t see

the place you’re led to where provision is found, soul is restored, and overflowing joy abounds setting you free in ME


Righteous Redeemer


you don’t see

to reclaim all that you’ve lost regained with ME


Merciful GOD


you don’t see

the shame and guilt taken away granting you a pure heart and new spirit the same as ME


LORD’s Heart


you don’t see

to taste and see what awaits delighting in ME


Presiding Throne


you don’t see

the relays to keep you forgiven in decisions through ME


Heaven’s KING


you don’t see

endless days with no pain if you just keep believing ME


Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  John 20:29






The Mystery of You

May I discover the new You will do

Love lays down life for HIS friends

Knowing I am one of them reminded of again

What if you send me?

Calling in the silence mayday! mayday!

May day break through the lies

May day light shine in my eyes through Your eyes into their eyes

Find lost and lonely ones; guides

To HIM who helps each one arise

Surprise better than birthdays ties

Applies mercy answering maydays cries

Pressures and fears soon subsides

Applies compassion answering hearts deepest replies

Cries of guilt and shame confess

Cries of hurt and loss prior to repress

Cries of joy recover love’s peace and rest

Every tear appears in Heaven’s jars HE collects

Nothing hidden will HE neglect

All of heart, soul, mind, body, spirit to HIM reconnects

All wounds HE brings healing to; affix HIS stripes intersects

All you’re meant to be HE resurrects

All your scars remember HIS own willingly now follow as HE directs

Your Mystery is Salvation found and redemption that abounds

Bought with a price not your own, never to be forsaken or left all alone

Where nothing can ever sever in pure true love that surrounds forever

Your Mystery is now our Mystery to reveal and prove