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Special someone overseas discovery

Seems so far away in reality

Sincerely settling within compassion near as can be

Searching soul opens up beautifully with pleasantries

Seeking samplings stranded in madness found in the midst of sadness revealing secrets in poetry once hidden merely

Sensations seen of scars unseen into scenes of teardrops bleeding bladed entries

Sighting suicidal thoughts deceiving tendencies

Sweet sierras needing relieving simplicities

Sorrowful screaming voices pleading beyond ones of fatality and fallacies

Salvation’s streaming Light rebirthing into faith, hope, and courage leading from Heaven’s treasuries

Sending soothing second chances fulfilling new found love, grace, and mercies interceding advocacy

Sanctifying stance to persevere past fear superseding in a war of casualties

Strength’s Source will endure to the end… tour of duty heeding toward truths amnesty

Surmounting Spirit-led rise above… disguise not love… cheerfully greeting one another miraculously entreating healing eternally to live on unimaginably

Heart and cross clipart

For those who cut/self-harm:

On the cutting edge,

I see a beautiful and special heart pumping the blood through veins even to your wrist; oh that kindness insists you allow it’s return throughout the art of all you are… where you find strength and courage to resist let go the blade to hold the hand who made you providing shade at your right hand… as you heal for scars I will never shun… visible and invisible no longer a wince done for you’ll be stronger one day with the Prince of Peace among all that hurts inside released -acceptance given… cheering you on as such a valiant warrior against demons in an instance and fears in the distance I know, I know; it’s not for show so difficult to grow up yet I believe in you for the hope and a future entrance of light shines brighter than any resistance since some day you’ll have overcome and won the battle and look upon you with only compassion… realizing you never needed a weapon only to step in to the grace and mercy as a child still young that awaits to run into the arms of refuge where new life has just begun… I care about a Messy Life and love those featuring the Broken… always and forever with arms open… We have scars; He has scars and love is both near and far…

Step away from the edge of cutting and be kind to yourself with self-love…

All of you are very special!!…

I was inspired to write this by another someone very special at: