New S.T.A.R.T.S.

In my acronym, S.T.A.R.T.S. will mean:  
Spiritual Truths Activated Renew/Restore/Replenish Together Soundness
No matter how far off, what your scars cost, or where you are even if lost -you can have a new start…


GOD provides spiritual help and guidance, that I’ve personally experienced as life changing, to add to your self care regimen for your depression and/or for dealing with mental illness:

Just click below on the ones I’ve written so far:

S.T.A.R.T.S. with Prayer

S.T.A.R.T.S. with Forgiveness

S.T.A.R.T.S. with Giving Thanks

S.T.A.R.T.S. with Pouring Out Your Heart