Don’t Give Up

Listen to a song (see further down the page) that you connect with along your healing journey to get recollected and reminded toward being restored and redeemed…



Value the intrinsics

Listen to the lyrics

What you hear “sound, thunder a sure breakthrough tone”; transmits true rife, to begin standing

What you feel, “found, encumber you’re not alone”; elicits through strife, an understanding

What you see “drown, under to endure depression prone;  then abound, asunder brought together to be full grown”, permits new life, so demanding

What you know “wonder deep down, outnumber the sand grains are HIS thoughts toward you be sown, submits afterlife to HIM approve, God commanding

Your soul caved in sick (upward climb)

Needs to be saved quick (reach for the lifeline)

Your heart needs healing in the nick (of time)

So it knows…

moments of faith come and go stick (with it to unwind and remind)

Moments of hope in slow mo flick ( ‘er desire to find)

Moments of love meant to grow; you push away to restrict (rather let it bind to let it be kind)

Your mind, thoughts hide behind, rewind to the hurt and pain like a brick (that collides inside I pray subsides; renew in JESUS to abide)

Though stuck with a broken wick (can realign)

Fire of your spirit can be relit (to ultimately shine)

Calling Glory “Don’t Give Up”

 Bright City “Colour”

 Landry Cantrell “Before You”

 Manic Drive “Easier”

 Janny Grein “Stronger than Before”

 Brian and Jenn Johnson “You’re Going to Be Okay”

 Kari Jobe “Steady My Heart”

 Kari Jobe “The Garden”

 Jared Anderson “Rescue”

 Jared Anderson “How He Loves”

 Jared Anderson “Inside”

Shawn McDonald “Don’t Give Up”

 Shawn McDonald “Take My Hand”

 Shawn McDonald “Here I Am”

 Shawn McDonald “Gravity”

 Shawn McDonald “Closer”

 Shawn McDonald “The Space Between Us”

 Shawn McDonald “We Are Brave”

 Shawn McDonald “Firefly”

 Shawn McDonald “Hope Is Right Here”

 Shawn McDonald “I Can’t Imagine”

 Shawn McDonald “Compass”

 Shawn McDonald “Take This Life”

 Shawn McDonald “Through It All”

 Shawn McDonald “Have You Ever”

 Shawn McDonald “Captivated”

 Seventh Day Slumber “Caroline”

Seventh Day Slumber “I know”

 Seventh Day Slumber “Oceans from the Rain”

 Seventh Day Slumber “Carry Me”

 Seventh Day Slumber “Missing Pages”

 Seventh Day Slumber “Wasted Life”

 Seventh Day Slumber “We are the Broken”

 Seventh Day Slumber “Found”

 Seventh Day Slumber “Sky is Falling”

 Seventh Day Slumber “Horizon”

 Seventh Day Slumber “Till the End”

 Seventh Day Slumber “Mercy Meets My Pain”

 Seventh Day Slumber “Last Regret”

 Seventh Day Slumber “Nothing to Lose”

 Day of Fire “Through the Fire”

 Day of Fire “Cornerstone”

 Day of Fire “Rain Song”

 Day of Fire “Fade Away”

 Passenger “Scare Away the Dark”

 Passenger “Whispers”

 Big Dismal “Rainy Day”

 Big Dismal “Hanging On”

 Pillar “Frontline”

 Pillar “Not Without a Fight”

[ Mercy Me “Hold Fast”

 Veronica Ballestrini “Storm Inside of You”

 Laura Story “Mighty to Save”

 Plumb “Beautifully Broken”

 Plumb “Cut”

 Plumb “Hang On”

 Plumb “I Can’t Do This”

 Plumb “How Many Times”

 Plumb “I Want You Here”

 Plumb “Don’t Deserve You”

 Plumb “Exhale”

 Plumb “One Drop”

 Plumb “LORD, I’m Ready Now”

 Plumb “Smoke”

 Plumb “Restored”

 Plumb “God Shaped Hole”

 Plumb “Champion”

 Plumb “Drifting”

 Fireflight “Unbreakable”

 Fireflight “Stay Close”

 Fireflight “For Those Who Wait”

 Fireflight “You Decide”

 Fireflight “Resuscitate”

 Fireflight “Stronger Than You Think”

 Fireflight “Stand Up”

 Fireflight “Desperate”

 Fireflight “Ignite”

 Fireflight “Escape”

 Fireflight “Keeping Me Alive”

 Fireflight “Prove Me Wrong”

 Fireflight “So Help Me God”

 Fireflight “All I Need to Be”

 Fireflight “Dying For Your Love”

 Fireflight “Now”

 Fireflight “Rise Above”

 Fireflight “Fire In My Eyes”

 Fireflight “It’s You”

 Fireflight “Wrapped In Your Arms”

 Fireflight “Recovery Begins”

 Superchick “Still Here”

 Superchick “Breathe”

 Superchick “Stand in the Rain”

 Superchick “Pure”

 Superchick “This is the Time”

 Superchick “Five Minutes At A Time”

 Superchick “Carry Me Through”

 Superchick “Courage”

 Superchick “We Live”

 Superchick “One More”

 Superchick “Alive”

 Superchick “Rock What You Got”

 Superchick “Cross the Line”

 Superchick “Not Done Yet”

 Superchick “We All Fall”

 Superchick “Hope”

 BarlowGirl “Never Alone”

 BarlowGirl “I Need You to Love Me”

 BarlowGirl “Porcelain Heart”

 BarlowGirl “I Believe In Love”

 Hollyn “Alone”

 Hollyn “Love With Your Life”

 Hollyn “Can’t Live Without”

 Hollyn “Obvious?”

 Britt Nicole “Be the Change”

 Britt Nicole “Through Your Eyes”

 Britt Nicole “Set the World On Fire”

 Britt Nicole “Stand”

 Britt Nicole “The Lost Get Found”

 Britt Nicole “All This Time”

 Britt Nicole “Hanging On”

 Britt Nicole “Walk On Water”

 Britt Nicole “The Sun Is Rising”

 Capital Kings “Love Is On Our Side”

 Capital Kings (ft. Britt Nicole) “Born to Love”

 Capital Kings “Into Your Arms”

 Capital Kings “Tell Me”

 Capital Kings “Be There”

 Jordan Feliz “Never Too Far Gone”

 Jordan Feliz “Beloved”

 We Are Messengers “Point to You”

 We Are Messengers “Everything Comes Alive”

 The Afters “Live On Forever”

 The Afters “Every Good Thing”

 The Afters “Light Up the Sky”

 The Afters “Battles”

 Jason Gray “Remind Me Who I Am”

 Jason Gray “Sparrows”

 Jason Gray “The Wound is Where the Light Gets In”

 Jason Gray “Begin Again”

 Jason Gray “Where We Go From Here”

 Stars Go Dim “You are Loved”

 Tenth Avenue North “You Are More”

 Tenth Avenue North “Worn”

 Tenth Avenue North “By Your Side”

  Tenth Avenue North “Hold My Heart”

 Tenth Avenue North “Healing Begins”

 Tenth Avenue North “I Have This Hope”

 Tenth Avenue North “The Struggle”

 Tenth Avenue North “Fighting For You”

 Tenth Avenue North “Afraid”

Casting Crowns “Oh My Soul”

Red “Pieces”

 Red “Shadows”

 Red “Already Over”

 Red “Hold Me Now”

 Red “Best is Yet to Come”

 Citizen Way “When I’m With You”

 Citizen Way “I Will”

Anthem Lights “Lifeline”

 Falling Up “Falling in Love”

 Falling Up “Broken Heart”

 Everyday Sunday “Stand Up”

 Everyday Sunday “Hanging On”

 Skillet “One More Day”

Skillet “Imperfection”

 Skillet “Collide”

 Skillet “Cycle Down”

 Skillet “Never Surrender”

 Skillet “Would it Matter”

 Skillet “Salvation”

 Skillet “Battle Cry”

 Skillet “Hard to Find”

 Skillet “I want to Live”

 Skillet “Under My Skin”

 Skillet “Savior”

 Kutless “To Know That You’re Alive”

Kutless “Run”

 Kutless “What Faith Can Do”

 Kutless “Your Touch”

 Kutless “All Who Are Thirsty”

 Kutless “Sea of Faces”

 Kutless “King of My Heart”

 Switchfoot “Love Alone is Worth the Fight”

 Switchfoot “I Won’t Let You Go”

 Switchfoot “Dare You to Move”

 Switchfoot “This is Your Life”

 Switchfoot “When We Come Alive”

 Matsiyahu “Live Like a Warrior”

 Matisyahu “Sunshine”

 Moshav ft. Matisyahu “World On Fire”

 Echoing Green “Pray”

 Echoing Green “Brand New Day”

 Echoing Green “2nd Chance”

 Echoing Green “Terra Firma (Stand)”

 Echoing Green “Defend Your Joy”

 Echoing Green “Deep Inside Your Heart”

 Echoing Green “The Story of Our Lives”

 Echoing Green “Apology”

 Echoing Green “Oxygen”

 Echoing Green “Aurora”

 Echoing Green “Waterfall”

 Echoing Green “Fall”

  Echoing Green “Face of God”

 Echoing Green “Stay Awake”

 Echoing Green “Winter”

 Echoing Green “Fall Awake”

 Echoing Green “Hide”

 Echoing Green “Redemption”

 Echoing Green “Believe”

 Echoing Green “Arrival”

 For King & Country “It’s Not Over Yet”

 For King & Country “Priceless”

 For King & Country “Shoulders”

 Joshua Micah “Who Says?”

 Joshua Micah “Parachute”

 Royal Tailor “Remain”

 Royal Tailor “Ready Set Go”

 Andrew Peterson “All Things New”

 Andrew Peterson “You came so close”

 Andrew Peterson “Ninety and Nine”


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