Image result for depression

Chance for relapse

Wasn’t in the plans

Occurred so humbling

Blurred to stumbling

Carry on and serve

Tarry in moments unnerve

Why did this happen

Would I stay trapped in

Be still and know

GOD is in control

Remember HIS mercy

HIM alone is first be

Heart open wide

Broken of pride

Clear my mind

Forward go after rewind

Soul wholly abide

Await recovery reside

Spirit suddenly tried

Dwell in Most High hide

More of HIM less of me apply

Restore freedom press on myself deny

Sanctity in Truth arrive confide

Testify HIS proof alive will guide

Balanced and sound

Grace does abound

HIS forever love found

Keeps from falling aground

HIS faithfulness surrounds

HIS compassion astounds

Though parts of me may die

Growth starts unseen to obey/rely

HE again hears my hearts cry

HE grasps my hand before crushing waves away from pry

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