More than you can see…

More than you can know…


Can’t see how great my passion freeing fans the flame deep inside will roar

Can’t know the fate HIS fashioning hands within leap to die still for

Can’t see how great my delight stands in awe of HIM for desires of my heart come true

Can’t know the rate Thy Light commands within HIS call into my heartbeats afire find life impart anew


Can’t see how great my soul was pinned -attacked again and again; brought out of death’s pit HE saved from tragedy to walk by faith in the land of the living

Can’t know the state my mind was in back then when enemy did apprehend; fought bout almost quit HE gave grace and mercy to talk as I stand of HIS forgiving


Can’t see how my spirit almost fatally wounded HE healed deep within to hold and keep alit that I might shine until stronger for HIM alone of love shone in compassion hone to tell of HIS good deeds

Can’t know the brokenness of hopelessness my life once felt seep out my every pore to weep remit when contrite align to HIS will no longer dimly known not my own of HIS Word sown to go where HE leads

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