Image result for waves of the ocean

Diversity of life contain the ocean

Waves of all heights from undercurrent maintain the motion

Rise and fall of tides attain erosion

Hurricanes no longer bides nor refrains commotion

Complexity of life strain until undone

Days and nights apparent remain the moon, stars, and sun

Rise and fall likewise, that hides within, is our emotions

Drains what once was stronger in self demotion

Perversity of life in vain fixation

Strays far with plight inherent feign affection

Rise and fall caused by lies, greed, and lust demoralize (if not repent to abstain) soon will demolish a nation

Wanes experiences of freedom that may be gone; return to GOD and regain a secure and firm foundation

Certainty of life pain implosion

Ways upright adherent; ingrain to press on to hear well done good and faithful servant in this race run and all evil shun

Rise and fall among that guides breath in our lungs in the Son as one

Campaigns to live is Christ and die is gain the inspiration of an eternal notion

Adversity in life can train for compassion’s promotion

Saves with HIS blood recurrent covering over guilt stains in HIS Light now to sustain devotion

Rise and fall yet HE reigns above over sin and death won

Remains faith, hope, and love found below that will still overcome

As I rise and fall, I continue onward in hope forgiven seventy x seven

As I rise and fall, I grip the 3 chord strand of rope to lift me out of the pit risen again and again

As I rise and fall, I hold Your hand of help to cope on a mission of love driven

As I rise and fall, I know my final destination and Your eternal promise is that You raise me up to Heaven

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