Persevere in the daylight

Endure through the darkest night

At some point, joy comes in the morning

There is a light at the end of the tunnel

A narrow door leading back out of the funnel

At some point, there’s a new hope adorning

In the midst of a hurricane, will it stay dry once in the eye where a wall forms

No, it won’t remain the same, so no need to hide the depth of your cries through large or small storms

At some point, it leaves the ocean and the rain will stop forlorning

The cause of suicidal thoughts can be few and far between to realities harsh and extreme

The effect of battles wrought inside the mind can knock you off your feet turning nightmares out of a dream

At some point, you’ll need to reach out for help to flare a warning

You’ll make it out with a shout to HIM, make it through with the Truth in HIM, and make it with help from HIM as time will tell for courage and faith to suddenly appear

Awaiting for new strength to steer, renewing your mind away from fear, restoring your soul away from pressures clear, and reigniting your spirit drawn near

At some point, you’ll know HE’s all you need with new life forming

To the cross… look up; blood turn to scars showing

Died for you… all shame forsook filling your cup to overflowing

Point toward Heaven risen;  when do not give up -HE’s rewarding

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