Posted: June 24, 2018 in encourage, faith, Gods heart, Hope, Love, Poems
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Withstand growing pains

Forget youthful rebellion, its shames, and disdains

Take hold of good that remains

Forsake wicked thoughts; depart evil -now refrains

Store up treasure in Heaven as eternal gains


Withstand the tempest

Endure trials and tests

Any and all sin confessed

Will be forgiven as far as East to West

Come to Him weary and heavy laden finding soul’s rest


Withstand the torrential downpour

Join Him in the waves;  recline with Him on the shore

Call to Him for new strength and for your soul to restore

Wait on Him once again for grace to soar

Abide in Him to adore;  live for and with Him forevermore


Withstand hardships and sufferings obeying His commands

Choose to love above all throughout life’s demands

Accept His discipline as love that purifies when HE reprimands

Know HIS pure purposes are for a hope and a future in HIS wondrous plans

Faith, hope, and love remain where love is greatest as we’re held together in HIS hands

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