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Posted: June 16, 2018 in suicidal, Suicide
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Cognizant of suicidal reconnaissance

In epidemic proportions crying / shouting resonance

Can occur in crossfires and crossed wires of conscience

Of most recent events

Shove off;  descent prevents

seeing here again their presence

grieving sincere;  broken hearts commence


Suicide’s lateral damages stand against;  an S.O.S. signal up

Family and friends abandoned in the throes laments;  if only shared the dark dismal stuff

What could have been? -gone! -with strong imagination so real now in fragments;  the stark reality rather rebuff

Most won’t reveal a closing cadence or fatalities imminence;  so needed is six sense of mental illness on guard, on standby, on duty inhabiting an abysmal militia



Choose to live on;  forego death sentence despite the mind’s perplexing enigma

Seek help until suicidal ideation relents;  until stand atop the vista

Get counsel and meds while in hopeless pretense;  let go of the stigma


Giving up the battle leaves the rest of us wounded on the battlefield without suggestions. for the many and the few…

Left with less answers more questions.  Just wanting you here anew…

Were there signs in body language given, words had we listened, clues of despairing decisions, or hints in what mentions????  enough to clue in to your mystery to rescue you…

If only a safe person / a secure place was made available so as to not worsen given special space to open up for breakthrough past the apprehensions.  Love to do and hope to renew in being there, being near, being with construe…

If only you didn’t believe the world would be better off without -within life’s tensions.  And suicide statistics no longer grew…

If only you got guidance for healing and hope to grow within mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions.  Bringing you the whole way through…

If only we responded in time intervening early on or “better late than never” run promoting life extensions.  Prove new life can come true…


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