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There is GOD…                                                There is the devil.

There is Light…                                                There is darkness.

There is Heaven…                                             There is hell.

There is JESUS HIS SON as Savior…                    There is no other savior.

There is forgiveness…                                        There is bitterness.

There is rescue…                                               There is imprisonment.

There is eternal life…                                         There is eternal separation.

There are angels…                                             There are demons.

There is Life and blessings…                                There is death and curses.

There is good…                                                  There is evil.

There is pure…                                                   There is lust.

There is believing…                                             There is nothing to hope for.

There is trusting…                                               There is fear.

There is faith…                                                    There is unbelief.

There is hope…                                                    There is despair.

There is LOVE…                                                    There is hate.

There is grace…                                                    There is being left on your own.

There is mercy…                                                    There is none.

There is compassion…                                            There is abandonment.

There is help for depression and mental illness…       There is not asking or seeking for it.

There is persevering and enduring with reward… ;     There is suicide and loss.

There is an end into a new beginning…                     There is an end.

There will be no more pain, sickness, death…             There will be pain and suffering still.

There is the Way, the Truth, and the Life…                 There is an enemy that tries to steal, kill, and destroy.

There is JESUS with arms open wide…                       There is still time to turn to first choices that leads to life…

There is a knock on the door of your heart…               There HE stands ready for you;  before there are no more choices.

There, there don’t be afraid for if you open to HIM…    There will be no end and you may live secure in HIS love with HIM for all eternity…

There is being more than a conqueror through HIM…   There in your pain, suffering, fear, anxiety, confusion, and all that you are and deal with… HE will be your Refuge and Strength to carry you until you can carry on…

There in Heaven HE prepares a place for you…            There is a future and a hope HE gives you for HE is the same yesterday, today, and forever who has earned your healing to take place and has overcome sin, death, and the enemy of your soul to hold what was your life, what is your life, and what you will become always to care for and love you through it all…


This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live…  Deuteronomy 30:19






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