In a world seems so distant

Hurt occurred shatters dreams in an instant

Suicidal thoughts screams persistent

Potential sought to self harm deem not resistant


Takes toll across polar opposites levy one’s mind at war on the battlefield jutting consciousness as a falling sentry

Aches roll loss over heavy on one’s heart torn until broken its seal flooding bawling entry

Forsakes with coldest shoulder frenzy on one’s soul forlorn until battered off keel judging maliciousness sprawling intently

Shakes any cajole off bolder to apprehend one’s spirit mourn belittling to reel trudging hapless stalling empty


Mind hostage to what demeans uncertainty to fret hyper aware

Heart hesitant to trusting HIM with burdens HE’d reset to lighter bear

Soul hampered not feeling to worsen needs unmet tired of self care

Spirit hindered not dealing with as if third person heeds regret; inquire of -won’t share


The enemy repelling seeks to steal, kill, and destroy to replay the past as a decoy

Everything overwhelming; anything may annoy

Suicide seems compelling when nothing okay to enjoy

Tomorrow leaning toward short selling if something today doesn’t provide a positive ploy


JESUS is the gate foretelling; opening to whoever would enter through to be saved with new purpose employ

The Good Shepherd of the sheep, quelling the enemy, came to give life and have it to the full of joy

GOD gives HIS Spirit for encouraging indwelling leading in the way of truth set apart from the world’s alloy

A future and a hope believe promising… propelling a new beginning not an end into Heaven until then obey as love’s choice


Suicidal;;;;;;;; yet don’t follow through to end life…

Only for awhile;;;;;;;; HE will see you through that leads to life…

Tribulations, temptations, trials;;;;;;;; HE brings you through out of the dark into the Light of life…

Will walk the extra mile;;;;;;;; Be an encouragement through compassionate words and merciful actions coming alongside to help in this life…



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