Attempt Remembrance

Posted: April 21, 2018 in depression, mental illness, new life, suicidal, Suicide
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Suicide apprehend

Drown after harrowing night

Come up for air still alive


Tried;  descend

Down faster narrowing light

Sun up ignore glare will deny


Pride offend

Aground disaster sorrowing plight

Lock up a floor share hospital awry


Wide dead end

Astound last turn loathing fright

One up poor flare shrill cry


Died;  part of me then

Around past discern;  knowing insight

SON up toward care refill my…


Confide rend

Abound cast concern showing contrite

Hung up before dare;  pill apply


Hide defend

Enshroud aghast yearn overflowing ignite

Wrung up, restore, aware, arrive


Alive again

Found amassed per arrows zing aflight

Overcome;  run up more declare until HIS Light shines

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