New beginnings

Is hope thinning?

Come to HIM

Renew strength within

Fills one’s cup;  overflowing

Lifts one up;  growing

Wise to let HIM mend;  defend

Arise to life again;  befriend


New beginnings

Is faith underpinning?

Comes by hearing

Restores soul appearing

Fails not to heal inside reassured

Listens to be a doer of HIS Word

Abides in the SON;  sets free

Guides one’s life and all evil shun;  gets purity


New beginnings

Is love winning?

Comes from time with HIM when dining

Replenishes the heart reminding

Finds anew when delighting

Loves HIM and others fulfilling desires igniting

Rides the heights in the Light of day soaring

Decides to enter the shadows of death for salvation’s outpouring


New beginnings

Are you lost sinning?

Come as you are

Refreshes your spirit drawn near from afar

Fears, chains, and shame from prison released

Lets love cover over to receive peace

Confides to trust, believe, and receive forgiveness through HIM the open door

Hides under the shelter of HIS wings forevermore


New beginnings

Is there disciplining?

Come to know it’s for your good

Registers deep inside to do as you should

Faces the buffering as clay molded by the Potter above

Learns from the suffering obedience from the FATHER of love

Dies to self and selfish ambition no longer a wanderer

Derives character to persevere now stronger and endure as more than a conqueror

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