Posted: February 17, 2018 in adoption, Freedom, future, God's Heart, Jesus, Love, mercy, Mystery, new life, Salvation
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Seeking You, only You

You making all things new

New life bring through Your FATHER’s will drew

Drew near to nearer come true

True North of HIS will likewise to go do

Do go forth to proclaim the Good News

News worthy to be told prove

Prove way of salvation He knew

Knew your soul; desperate for the Mystery to come solve with love’s key out of the blue

blue skies light up when He will open the door of your heart before even having a clue

Clue in to the sin and the stress that grew

Grew to know need of forgiveness and help of a Savior through and through

Through His blood on the cross for your soul He continues to pursue

Pursue His peace of reconciliation that will love GOD and others ensue

Ensue grace and mercy for accepting a rescue

Rescue your life, fearfully and wonderfully made by HIM, to trust and believe too

Too many wondrous thoughts of love outnumber grains of sand toward you woo

Woo you who are empty for pouring into affirmations of love to accrue

Accrue all that you’re needing anew;  still seeking, soon come into view

View HIS face and outstretched arms seeking you, the one and only you

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