Posted: February 14, 2018 in encourage, Gods heart, guidance, Hope, inspiration, Jesus, new life
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I want to empower people

Encourage to lift up the feeble

Pave the way for any needed miracle


I want to empower lives

Rescue no matter how far under hope dives

Love with HIS Son’s rays into Living Water heart’s of ice


I want to empower souls

Point to the Good Shepherd who’ll restore until whole and forever holds

Lead to the Savior who forgives and onward to know the Everlasting FATHER who molds


I want to empower hearts

Inspire all to delight in HIM until desires come alive HE imparts

Inquire for wisdom and understanding that open doors toward new starts


I want to empower minds

Renew with HIS Words to no longer conform to this world, but to be transformed until all shines

Teach so thoughts are on things above that in HIS will aligns and all that new life finds

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