How I’ve come this far

Amazed (life returned beyond the aftermath)

If you only knew who I once was

It would utterly astound



How I fought so hard (between true life and fear of God’s wrath)


If you only knew why and the because

It would be almost tragically profound



How I stalled like an abandoned car

Strayed (off the beaten path away from that which leads to life in the fast lane passed)

If you only knew what sin that leads to death does

It would cause you to turn earnestly around



How I looked for help high above the stars

Prayed (all my cares and anxieties upon HIM cast)

If you only knew how much I had to trust

It would foster within you to do the same to stand steady on the Rock of Salvation and walk on solid ground



How I’ve become after faith’s fresh start

Obeyed (for a hope and a future in the LIGHT at last)

If you only knew how HE led me through, up from death’s dust

It would make new mercy every morning be real and true for you too and new hope to abound


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