Meaning of Spring

Posted: February 4, 2018 in encourage, Freedom, future, guidance, Hope, inspiration, new life
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New life

Beyond strife

Spring forth

In the North

Instilling freedoms of childhood -now embers

Fulfilling hometown memories fondly remember

Rockford, Illinois to be exact

Awkward enjoy -break free of winter’s pact

Child at heart come alive again; woo to reprise ties

With new growth revive to open true blue skies arise

Trees get back their leaves

Hope for loved one’s missed beyond what grieves

Grass awakens -uncovers white blanket change of scene return to green

Flowers hover discover what other colors bring into new beginnings

Bees congregate our yards to pollinate gifting seeds their future productions worth

Resetting landscape for wildlife to mate multiplying nature with miracles birth

Robins chirping a chipper chorus sung under what warmth of sun ordains

Finding worms no longer hiding to the surface brung up by abundant rains

Refreshing the soul and spirit sustain onward to soon appearing rainbows reconnaissance for a purpose and vision far reaching in the future to be found

Cardinals, blue jays, finches, and sparrows join in the clearing of orchestral opening seasons ceremonial high pitch screeching of rapturous sound

Geese arrive spearheaded by V-formation with honking ovation from southern vacation landing upon ponds and lakes for a break from the thousand mile migration trek to their final destination

Release contrived fears of isolation brought together in a family of my own standing on the Rock of Salvation as a firm foundation through trials and temptations toward complete restoration

Fireflies arise losing their disguise enter peaceful night luminous in sight shining bright as if to announce continuous life’s persistence to thrive though fragments of us dies left mystified off and on collides to fight darkness with supplied Light verified to then be unified

Outside decides no longer to hide where depression bides center of Christ abide who is the Faithful Guide reside beside as to announce faith, hope, and love coincides inside purified with insistence to influence… qualified to be amplified and testified worldwide

Love melts away what is lost in watershed tears

Faith lay hold of more so; Spirit led over the years

Hope springs eternal when fear fled as Heaven nears



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