Savior who will Flip the Script

Posted: November 11, 2017 in Freedom, guidance, Hope, inspiration, Jesus, Love, new life, Poems, Salvation
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Once upon a time

A dying romance

Quieting last dance

Fighting last chance

Fallen poor wanderer stance

Depression’s tightening trance

Devil to death’s frightened glance

Must be a due ending?  futility?  tragedy?  No, not meant to be…

King of kings Kingdom, in HIM, come


Miraculous rescue now equipped with redemption’s script…


Happily Ever After

Reviving true love advances

Enlightening everlasting dances

Guiding everlasting chances

Risen restored warrior stances

Expression’s widening expanses

God of hope’s heightened glances

Just see the new beginnings…  Destiny!  Majesty!  Yes, got sent to free…

Sing upon HIS wings;  freedom, in HIM, won

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