Posted: October 4, 2017 in inspiration, Love, Poems
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What if there’s a love beyond measure

a love beyond the world’s pleasure

a love that endures forever

a love that nothing can ever sever

a love that forsakes not, no, never

a love that heals your past hurt, pain, wounds

a love that casts you in its feature movie opening soon

a love that gives you storylines to say and do with a major role impart only you can perform

a love thats script is written for you to be forgiven, accepted, soul made whole, heart cared and provided for through every storm

a love that gives you the choice to enlist, resist, desist, miss the mark, miss the goal, miss out

a love that will still persist, insist, exist to knock on the door of your heart, kiss the soul, whisper sweet everything’s knowing there’s no doubt

a love that doesn’t give up

a love that fills your cup

a love that extends  beyond what you can think, ask, or imagine; for space to grow within

a love that sends mercy when thirsty to drink in grace; to bask in compassion

a love that’s like a faithful husband and will respond as your Redeemer

a love that if you delight in HIM will give you your heart’s desires letting you be a hopeful dreamer

a love that does not reject, divorce, ridicule, abuse, threaten

a love that holds you in the palm of HIS hand and in HIS heart securely set in

a love that selects you; purchasing you with pure and precious blood let out to let you in

a love in laying down One’s life with stripes to back, crown of thorns thrust upon brow for your shame apprehend

a love as nails driven through hands and feet to hang on a cross that HIS loss is now your gain comprehend

a love becoming poor so you can be richly blessed again and again

a love providing acceptance and no longer rejection

a love that took God’s judgement and wrath so you wouldn’t have to weigh down in hell’s separation

a love that takes the loss to give you more; won’t make you pay divorce decree fees for all the wrong problems you have within or caused of infinite and finite math detection

a love that is a source of Resurrection and the life who overcame the evil one and death

a love that offers new life in being born again with newly acquired spiritual breath

a love that if you live is Christ, that if you die, now becomes gain

a love that washes pure as white snow over every stain

a love that has Sovereign rule as KING of kings

a love that honors and bestows the Golden rule that love brings

a love that will refuel when left weak and dry within

a love that out duels your adversaries becoming your battle cry to win

a love that intercedes as your Defense and High Priest when satan will accuse

a love that uplifts your countenance or uplifts you out of a pit with Mighty Right hand when you lose

a love that gives a hope and a future, a purpose and vision, making your life of good use

a love that is merciful, gracious, compassionate, and slow to anger when have a short fuse

a love that sings over you

a love that forgives your debts and calls you forgiven, expects you to forgive others so God the FATHER will continually forgive you in love’s mission

a love that disciplines, out of love, for correction

a love whose banner over you is LOVE

a love that always watches over you from above

a love to believe

a love to receive

a love that endures forever

a love that nothing can ever sever

a love beyond the world’s pleasure

a love beyond measure






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