Redeem & Restore

Posted: October 1, 2017 in inspiration, Jesus, new life, Poems
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I once barely stood


Would there be any good come from this

Would You rescue me from all that had gone amiss



Dim it, rest

I once barely hoped

3 chord strand of rope

Cope until You’d fill my cup with more of Your love and Spirit send

Cope until darkness disrupts never to thrive again to when my life ends




I once barely lived


Give over for a time to suffer consequences of my sin to become pure and true

Give mercy and grace to buffer my soul that ultimately did win my freedom You’d redeem anew




I once barely wrote


Awoke to enter Your Presence more and more over time

Evoke Your heart’s center, Your essence implore, then restore I’d find



Even so…

The KING of kings can…

and did for me…

and can for you…

and will if you ask HIM…


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