Once upon a wandering away

No stay in the shade

cloud by day

No longer inspire to stand in the line

of fire by night

Time again when I prayed

Depression to my soul all but slayed

No signs for a comeback from the battlefield toward home to find

All my cries for relief denied for a time

Try to survey the way

A return for all to be okay

Sometimes clear blue overlay

Sometimes dull or blackened gray

Sometimes too many choices will portray

Sometimes near in disarray

Sometimes near where demon shadows play

Sometimes far off in hope display

Sometimes far off fearing death’s delay

What do I focus on to no longer stray

my soul to convey

my mind to relay

my broken spirit afraid remade

my heart contrite relight to stay

Try to find the path ignite

Sometimes moon and stars white will highlight

Sometimes hidden from view at twilight

Sometimes blocked by storms darkness lit up totality by lightning strike; but stagger back again to pitch black fright

Sometimes set apart from wrong and unto right

Sometimes learn to stand within the lighthouse upright through the night

Whole of me to follow

Which way do I go

Not good on my own

Stumbling solo

No swing low

Sweet chariot know

To guide me while I sit

to be safe inside to ride it

No amount of money can buy it

My life for a time a riot

World influence cries out to try it

No longer walking in the light to deny it

Start to miss the peace and quiet

Less of HIS Word invest to my soul so emptiness is what I get

Less food ingest to my body for a healthy diet

Ready as I’ll ever be

Now’s the chance to see

The cloud by day reality of HIS Presence set free

The fire by night inside; be me fearlessly

Once upon a wandering

Tough choices, indecisions, risks in my twenties

Tough choices, indecisions, risks offer plenty

Tough choices, indecisions, risks overwhelm; then haunts the enemy

Tough choices, indecisions, risks overcome with mental illness entry

Tough choices, indecisions, risks attack on the front line war within; wounding as if a sentry

Tough choices, indecisions, risks strengthen what I was meant to be

Return to find HIS compassion, grace, and mercy…

Return to find HIS forgiveness, healing, and love favorably…

Return whenever I’m needy, hungry and thirsty…









  1. Wow it’s so touching and moving. These words have the quality to pierce the hearts of people. Humanity seems to be vanished away, but still there are some sensitive minds and souls in the world and I guess that’s what we call Hope.


    • beavoicefororphans says:

      Thank you Ayeshaaamir! So special for you to say. If it helps someone and gives hope, then it lends itself toward the healing process and new life… Faith, Hope, and Love to you… 💙

      Liked by 1 person

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