Depression’s Fight

Posted: September 14, 2017 in compassion, depression, Jesus, mercy, Poems, refuge
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Out of dark

Into Light

from rebellion embark, fragility collapse

to sin stark reality relapse

on death bed doubt

from hell led out

felt its grave grim sentence

fell down; save in repentance

cried out for mercy

denied for a time thirsty

Faith turn to JESUS alone to be made whole

Wraith discern of satan hone in to devour my soul

Hid within HIM my Tower of Refuge and Strength

Resist the evil one, his power diffuse, until ran away

Proved true in faithfulness is JESUS, urge to carry my cross and follow

Rescued anew in painfulness scourge, wary from loss and hollow

Filled cup driven, no longer faithless

Build up forgiven, go stronger, stainless

Depression ends

Compassion mends

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