Posted: August 26, 2017 in compassion, courage, encourage, Freedom, guidance, Hope, inspiration, Love, new life, Poems
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It only takes one heartbeat

to inspire its repeat

It only takes one heart

to reach out in love impart

It only takes one mind

to choose encouraging words as kind

It only takes one soul

to care so deeply until made whole

It only takes one spirit

to face darkness with light to clear it

It only takes one moment

to show up as hope sent

It only takes faith of one mustard seed

to take the lead and to meet a need

It only takes one drop showing affinity, a colossal pull, until shelter is genuine

to catch a tear knowing its salinity, a bottle full to fill, better than medicine

It only takes one available and willing

to be the source for HIS promises fulfilling and HIS Word instilling

It only takes one to believe

to freely give what others may receive

It only takes one to listen as another confides

to reflect compassion building trust that abides

It only takes one to answer to the cries

to save souls as wise…

It only takes one courageous who no longer hides

to be truly alive before one dies…

It only takes one to run for the prize

to go for the upward calling of Heaven arise…

It only takes ONE meant for you

to be free in God’s own SON into life anew

 Plumb “One Drop”


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