The Mystery

Posted: August 18, 2017 in compassion, Hope, Love, mercy, Mystery, new life, Poems, purpose, Salvation
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The Mystery of You

May I discover the new You will do

Love lays down life for HIS friends

Knowing I am one of them reminded of again

What if you send me?

Calling in the silence mayday! mayday!

May day break through the lies

May day light shine in my eyes through Your eyes into their eyes

Find lost and lonely ones; guides

To HIM who helps each one arise

Surprise better than birthdays ties

Applies mercy answering maydays cries

Pressures and fears soon subsides

Applies compassion answering hearts deepest replies

Cries of guilt and shame confess

Cries of hurt and loss prior to repress

Cries of joy recover love’s peace and rest

Every tear appears in Heaven’s jars HE collects

Nothing hidden will HE neglect

All of heart, soul, mind, body, spirit to HIM reconnects

All wounds HE brings healing to; affix HIS stripes intersects

All you’re meant to be HE resurrects

All your scars remember HIS own willingly now follow as HE directs

Your Mystery is Salvation found and redemption that abounds

Bought with a price not your own, never to be forsaken or left all alone

Where nothing can ever sever in pure true love that surrounds forever

Your Mystery is now our Mystery to reveal and prove

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