Posted: August 18, 2017 in Hope, peace, Poems
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Peace, be still

A surrender of my will

Peace, with You found

In the quiet of no sound

Peace, in following along

The singing of a meaningful song

Peace, overwhelming

From the Holy Spirit indwelling

Peace, when I write

From Your heart to mine of Your insight

Peace, holding my wife

In the middle of the night

Peace, beside still waters

Refreshing from the Father

Peace, an eagle soaring

With a cool breeze forming

Peace, a gentle rain

An inspiration attained

Peace, a rainbow in the sky

A sweet release from a humbling cry

Peace, an ocean’s waves rolling in

Mercy and forgiveness washing away sin

Peace, the sound of the wind blowing

And colors of a sunset showing

Peace, a baby in my arms

The Good Shepherd protecting from all harm

Peace, looking up at stars

Sensing You near from having wandered far

Peace, doing Your will

Hearing Your voice to listen still

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