Lift Eyes to Skies High

Posted: August 18, 2017 in direction, Freedom, future, guidance, Hope, Love, purpose, stars
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Northern lights

Stars so bright

Frigid winter’s night

Lit up across the sky

Awake to dress in pure white

Sundown come alive

Big Dipper arrive

A familiar friend coincide

To the North Star guide

With the Little Dipper nearby

Security in place for child’s eyes

HE determines their number galaxies wide

With pinpoint precision where to abide

As numerous as sand grains piled high

Majority out of strained view hide

Shooting star insight

displays the plight

how we might

give our lives despite fright

for freedom’s fight

To seek justice aright

Love mercy to onward shine the light

Walk humbly as contrite

For the Morning Star die to live upright

A passion for HIS fame aflame ignite

With the sunrise for HIS Namesake live to die intertwine

To be HIS pure and true witness for a moment in time

I lift my eyes to skies high above to the wise KING of kings seeking the eternal prize…

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