Between the Lines

Posted: August 18, 2017 in direction, Freedom, guidance, Hope, Love, new life, Poems, Salvation
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Read between the lines

Exists before space and time

Creator of every life design

Enter through atmosphere confine

As a human like you, yet still divine

Break into gravity of daily grind

For a short life span grow and refine

Few years to heal the sick with sinners dine

All that’s lost seek and find

Light of the world brightly shine

Died on the cross; forgives sins within and debt of crimes

To rescue…, restore…, redeem…; save all that is MINE

You can do all things through Christ when abide in His True Vine

Plan for a future and a hope offered to mankind

With purpose and vision HE will assign

Into GOD’s family adopted as sons and daughters entwine

That HIS love never fails and HE’s coming again remind

Every tongue, tribe, and nation in Heaven combine

You, precious one, exist in a small space and for a short time

Choose to believe and trust in HIM for all eternity sublime… Where, after death, will you consign?

To JESUS who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life abide and align

Who you believe…, for your eternal destiny…; define you between the lines…


HIS perfect love

is eternal life

even for you

to reach who

is outside




To HIM bind

Into HIS shelter hide

Tears HE keeps; confide

of all the hurt that has pried

for all the reasons tried

and why you’ve cried

while in the desert dried

deserted by those who lied

Let HIM now guide

Into HIS heart open wide

Come inside…



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