Answer to a Broken Heart

Posted: August 18, 2017 in broken heart, depression, guidance, mental illness, Poems, Prayer
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My heart is broken

Desiring to be mended

My eyes look above


Lean upon My mercy then

Delight yourself in Me open led

By My love


Trust in Me for grace needed

I’ve heard the prayers you’ve pleaded

I’ll apply My touch to heal


My oil and refilling be treated

Find Me and rest in My compassion heeded

I AM that I AM is your strength and shield


To My Father’s open arms run

He puts on a robe of righteousness and a ring to welcome home His son

Pleased you’ve sown into the orphan field


Fear the LORD and all evil shun

Walk in My love and grace to hear well done

Good and faithful servant for your redemption by the Holy Spirit sealed


I AM that I AM gives you a sound mind

My perfect love casts out fear so from now on be patient and kind

For a good conscience asked for surely is appealed


Abide in My love aligned

Write for Me, letting go of selfishness, loving Me more than these things assigned

To My goodness and loving-kindness yield

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