Broken Open

Posted: August 13, 2017 in depression, mental illness, Poems, Suicide
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Childlike open

Older broken

Broken down

Open up

Broken dreams behind

Open dreams find

Broken heart apart

Open heart restart

Broken life falling

Open life calling

Broken mind haunt

Open mind want

Broken soul drown

Open soul found

Broken spirit wound

Open spirit soon

Once broken

Since open

Broken to newly open

Reopen to heal the broken

Broken lies

Open wise

Broken thunder dark black clouds

Open clear blue skies enshrouds

Broken love

Open love

Broken open

Open broken

Broken seed planted underneath in the dark toward a future ripe; now alone out of sight

Open tree granted shade beneath in the light toward a mature archetype; endow grown stout in height

Broken;  restore to be forgiven

Open door to see Heaven

Love the broken

Love in the open

If broken, take time the whole of you to mend

When open, awake, find soul anew to tend

Childlike open once again

Older broken to become a friend



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