Unto Weak Prove Strong

Posted: August 12, 2017 in Poems, Suicide
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An endless sea

Of human frailty

Suicidal thoughts bury

remotely mostly uncontrolled

Seek a remedy

Avoid a tragedy

Gain new identity

Make memories longevity

to be bold

Soul of beauty

Save, HIS duty

into the sheepfold

Faith walk agree

Hope sets free

Love gives infinitely

inward mold

Wraith grant reprieve

Rope 3-chords interweave

Above, gifts receive

to tightly hold, toward becoming old

Live despite agony

Forgive though guilty

Sieve out malady

out of death paroled

Keep spirit reality

Weep, clear esprit

Steep, near apogee

Deep, stuck fallacy

Leap over negativity

Reap mercy eternally

Heap upward-climb gracefully

doing so for promises foretold

Wait and see

Relate with me

Elate to be

Believe though wary

Perceive light glary

Leave dark adversary

Heave what’s scary

Grieve, onward carry

Retrieve your sanctuary

Conceive future visionary

time one day and forever to behold

No end see

Human fighting relentlessly

Healing occurring continuously

worthwhile endeavor worth more than gold









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