Know God’s Heart -in a parable of my life

Posted: July 31, 2017 in Gods heart
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There is the bird who once was childlike free who didn’t know what kind of bird he was to be, nor did he care, for life was carefree/cage free. Then upon life circumstances with upheaval, taken away from his nest and known territory, he was caged by depression not trusting in others for many years that were, if in a normal upbringing, meant to be growing in confidence with close relationships to the flock, but did not. Love from his relatives were gone. The love of his immediate family was not enough.  There were a few friends of the same feather that helped somewhat along the juvenile journey. For the most part though, he didn’t trust any birds and began to hate them.  Then upon meeting another bird, who happened to be caged worse than he, was surprisingly set free by his willingness to be a friend to listen and be there for support, and so he too was freed from his own cage seeing the door open and wanted to help others from now on. He began to care. This became another aspect of freedom not known before that gave his life purpose and meaning. Then he met another special bird and a new type of love occurred of a greater trust and acceptance to enjoy more time together in a bond of friendship. However, they became separated after a time ~across an ocean’s distance~, knowing he could go back to the cage, did not. Now a stronger love was something altogether new and wonderful enough to pursue again. Then he met upon another special bird and tried to be more free than before, yet it wasn’t meant to be. He was too immature, not ready for such commitment. What to do?  So he looked up and asked for help. He came to know more about his Creator and the Savior. He was shown care in an unexpected manner and was shown a new way, new truth, and new life. He was set free to taste its goodness and was no longer as depressed, fearful, and anxious anymore. Life was good again with room to breathe the open air, chicklike once again. This time flying in higher skies, finding the wondrous updrafts never known before.  He enjoyed this special time with other birds who had learned of HIS wondrous Love. Then he moved away from his family to learn how to live on his own. Life was an adventure and so much did the world have to offer. He didn’t hang around the birds anymore that shared His Love. He spent less time learning to soar.  Alone now, he tried to fly around closer to the ground, often stumbling, hitting barriers and obstacles to find more freedom along the way apart from his family, apart from that special unconditional Love of his friends, and apart from the Creator who had shown him such unique and profound Love, but chose to go after what hurt his soul, mind, heart, and spirit instead and became caged worse than before, pulled down by the world’s gravity and felt the shadows of death looming, nearing, taking over, drowning under. He gave up, unable to fly at all, and tried to die. A feeling so dark, desperate, and separate from pure true love that he needed, wanted, and cried out for overwhelmed him… He was wounded by careless lust and pride and lost his will and ability to fly.  He did not die however, and instead was caged more securely. This terrifying dread was worse.  Fearful of life and fearful of death.  Utter despair!  He knew he couldn’t fly out of this.  He couldn’t walk or even crawl out.  Would anyone help?  No, another bird would not help. Well, there was one bird, for only a few minutes of time came over to him, shared from the heart, that gave a glimmer of hope to which he was thankful -so he didn’t give up. He cried out to the only One who could save him, who had shown him that unconditional freeing Love once again, from the lowest and deepest of depths. Soon, after his cries were heard, the bird was released to start a new life, a miracle release. This time, the bird would not go back to the cruelty of the world’s temptations. He began to desire helping other birds again and so trudged on foot with the hope he could make a positive difference.  He began to feel the freedom in offering kindness and encouragement to others once again.  Love was being restored within.  There was evidence that he was, in fact, impacting other birds for good.  Once again, he attempted to love another bird that also was not meant to be (he was trying to fly, but still disabled). Then, the bird he was meant to be with, appeared, and new life began again and near this wonderful bird began to heal and fly alongside, now two together as one family and baby chicks were born to raise. However, the bird still faced the reminders and memories of the dark path, where demon vultures lurked who wanted him to die, hating that he had been released in the first place (for he had come so very close to death’s decay). He was soon imprisoned in a cage more tightly, this seemingly more hopeless than ever. Wait a minute -just a second, with no time to spare, he was miraculously released again. On and off he fluttered with broken wings and awful scars and floundered as though he would be better as a fish. He turned to his Savior more than ever and the bird found courage and strength in his Creator and fought with faith, trust, and desire to know the ultimate freedom that was not found in his struggle toward death, but found in the struggle to live and discover the purpose and hope awaiting him; the reason he was here in the first place… He could have easily given up and just died or try suicide again. He found and learned of a love for his Creator, his Savior, his mate, his chicks and a love for others growing. Love with love in himself was to be given away. But life being life still had its problems and challenges. He was caged several more times in places he was not fond of at all, but the steel bars were only temporary. Then, even though he was caged, he no longer saw the bars. He was free if he was caged and he was more free when he was not. Yet, with each caging, he began to face his fears to continue overcoming the darkness that had been trying to capture him, overtake him, and destroy him ever since a very young chick. Death and curses did not prevail; Light dispersed all darkness; wherein life and blessing won ultimately. LOVE did not fail!!!… LOVE does not fail…  LOVE never fails… So this is not the end, but one of many beginnings for this eagle he realized he was, at one time began to think of himself and act only as a chicken, who now soars on the Creator’s wind updrafts with much needed grace… all because the Creator’s mercy and compassion were given for one struggling to live life, for one facing death many times, and for one continuing to get up to learn to fly and discover the purpose and a hope prepared in advance for him to be and do…  Now, he doesn’t fear death, yet will not choose to kill himself. More importantly than this is that he no longer fears to live…

Isaiah 40:30-31

Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall;  but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.



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